A day with Ubuntu

I am not new to Ubuntu, however, from last night to this morning, I’ve been wrestling with 12.04 LTS with cursing, to myself and this distro. Here’s what happened.

I used to use 10.04, so this time when I got a new laptop, latest version is a go-to. First, I tried wubi (my previous Ubuntu was installed through Live CD, so this was the first time I experience wubi), Ubuntu’s windows installer and virtual disk builder. The whole thing was seamless and nice, except…. wubi didn’t remind me this is a virtual disk installation, and the 18G virtual disk was quickly depleted. And here’s the message: I would really appreciate a heads-up about the nature of the virtual installation (Silly me, I was actually wondering why Ubuntu recognized NTFS in the first place).

So much for the test experience.

Next step would be to install Ubuntu through a Live CD. Since installation instruction makes it clear that a USB drive would do the work,  I decided not to bother burning a CD. This turns out to be an unwise move: I got “multiple active partition” error when I was using USB boot. Apparently either the BIOS or the windows system checks the partition flags (and yes I’ve checked the BIOS partition setting, it didn’t help).

I had to burn a Live CD.

Boot from CD, everything looked fine, until the installation started and crashed. Google told me ubiquity is buggy and I had to do

 sudo apt-get remove ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu
 ubiquity --no-migration-assitant

to bypass the bug(s).

OK, now I have a working Ubuntu, yeah! Wait, what’s that?

“E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.”

So I had to this to fix the update manager.

Message I got from the past 24 hours? Jamie Zawinski had said all: “Linux is only free if your time has no value”.

Now what?