The citation management in MS Word is from hell

by Yi Zhang

I was going to say the MS Word by itself is from hell, at least for technical writings. Recently I had to convert my tex writing into word, everything was tolerable, including the conversion of the equations since Mathtype recognizes tex, until at the end when I was converting the reference and citations. There is a “manage source” option in the Word, but it only works for Endnote. For the record, that is bullshit: one product tries to force its user to adopt another equally pathetic commercial product? What an ally!

Then I decited to do it myself.

I regetted it in five minutes.

For any bibtex user, I can not even describe the frustration looking at the fancy menus that Word’s reference management “ribbon” (yeah, they really named it that way!) demonstrates. I don’t think any latex user who hasn’t lost his mind would achieve the task of converting 100+ references manually. For those who are familiar with this kind of problem, the bib2endnote by Trend Apted didn’t work: somehow the generated XML was denied by the Endnote parser in the Word.

So what did I do? I copied the texts of the bibliography and pasted them in the versatile Word, since I don’t need to edit them in the fugure anyway: it’s for whoever asks for the word version, no matter how pathetic it is.