Political correct computational mechanics

by Yi Zhang

Apparently I did not realize that computational mechanics community is nothing but a bunch of racists, until today in a LS-DYNA training a lady was offended by “master” and “slave” nodes in contact problems. She’s so convinced that those terms are political incorrect that the organizer had to ask people to use “leader” and “follower” in order to get her calm down. Thanks to her, now I see how treacherous this business is. Not only those racism jargon, we also make killing and rebirth of nodes and elements a common practice. I guess that’s why most FEM packages are PG-13 and we have to teach finite elements after you enter college. More than that, we also talk about Young’s modulus every day, obviously indicating astounding widespread of pedophilia among structure and mechanical engineers. It’s time for me to rethink about this career. All thanks to a vigilant citizen’s speaking out.